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Welcome to the LinnArtzy Blog~

Hi friend! Thanks for stopping by!

I'm Kelsey Linnartz~ the founder & designer here at LinnArtzy.

Welcome to the NEW Blog!

I am excited to expand the LinnArtzy website to not only be an online shop and business website, but now with this blog, (YAYY!!) a space to reflect the brand's three pillar's: Connection, Encouragement, and Creativity! I am so excited to show up here in this platform to serve you, not just as a customer, but as a friend.

I hope this space can inspire you in your journey and encourage you to dream big, exactly where you are! When I am not designing cards and fashion illustrations, you can find me at my corporate fashion design job designing swimsuits, enjoying a good conversation over a latte, or exploring New York City with my friends.

I am passionate about bright colors and vibrant prints, and equipping you to encourage those you love. Here at I am looking forward to sharing my some of my fashion tips & trends, ways to grow in your friendships and how to make the most of every moment of this crazy life!

Fun fact: LinnArtzy is a play on words of my last name "Linnartz" and a constant compliment "you are so artsy" :)

Thanks for stopping by the blog ~ excited to celebrate in the journey together!



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