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The greatest gift

May trusting God begin to look like being with Him and not just having a wishlist for Him grant in his timing to improve my life.

What if it is actually about not seeking the gifts but seeking the Giver for himself regardless of what you want / are waiting to happen next in life. You aren’t waiting ~for~ God. He is with you in the waiting.

Emanuel is a name of Jesus we hear at Christmas~ Emanuel means God with us. Jesus is God with us, in our humanity. with us in the waiting, Emanuel. This is good news, this news brings joy to the world.

He met us in our humanity. Jesus does not leave us where we are, stuck in our shame and disappointments, he brings us himself, giving everlasting love and peace.

God with us.

God’s love in the midst of our naughtiness, because we can never be nice enough on our own.

God near to our brokenness.

God knows that nothing in this entire world can replace or fill your need for Him.

No Christmas gift on your wishlist can treasure you back the way that Jesus treasures you.

The gifts we seek, and find in Jesus are greater than 50% off, free shipping, or even buy one get one free.

God’s gift of love and peace is FREE to us in Jesus.

God with us through it all.

Turns out the greatest gift is actually

the giver himself. ⭐️


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