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Stockist Spotlight: Meet Emily Anne of Roses+ Woods

One of my favorite parts of LinnArtzy is partnering with female owned boutiques around the country! LinnArtzy is currently carried in 22 stores and I am excited to spend the summer spotlighting these fabulous shops and connect you to the women and brands that you need to know! Today, I am so happy to introduce you to Emily Anne, owner of Roses + Woods Boutique in Pike Road Alabama!

1. Tell us about your shop story behind Roses + Woods Boutique and how you originally started and opened?

Emily Anne: " I started working at a company as an intern right out of college and didn't see myself working

there long term and just didn't love being on someone else's time. I have always had an obsession with buying clothes and keeping up with the latest clothing trends so I decided I would do an online boutique. I started that up and quit working for that company and a year into doing the online boutique an opportunity came for me t

o open a Brick & Mortar store which I was all about because I love interacting with people and wanted people to see all of the clothes I had to offer in person."

2. What is your favorite thing about what you do? Emily Anne: "My favorite thing about what I do is going to market and meeting new people, finding new brands and making my own schedule! But there is a common misconception that owning a boutique is super easy-that is definitely not the case haha even when I am not at the store I am still working, you just have to be able to manage your time and figure out the right pace."

3. What are some products you are currently loving at your shop? Emily Anne: "Some of my favorite products are Show Me Your Mumu clothing, Haute shore bags, & of course LinnArtzy greeting cards- my customers really do love them!"

4. What is a key part of your morning or evening routine for staying sane in the busy moments of running a business! Emily Anne: "A key part of my morning routine is: 1. Getting a starbucks coffee (i couldn't do it without my coffee) and 2. Making lists of what I need/want to accomplish that day really helps a lot! " 5. What are a few of your favorite places to eat and hang out in your city- Pike Road, Alabama? Emily Anne:" My favorite place to eat is a Mexican restaurant called Sol, it is so good! They hand make the guacamole right in front of you & their margaritas sure hit the spot after a long day at the store!"

Kelsey: "Emily Anne - Thank you so much for taking the time to share more about your shop and your heart behind what you do! It is an honor to have LinnArtzy cards equipping your customers in encouraging those they love in Alabama and beyond!"

Check out Roses + Woods Boutique here:

Shop in person at: 9553 Vaughn Road, Pike Road, AL


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