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Social Summer: Meet Izabella Passero

So happy to introduce some of my fabulous friends to you this summer on the blog! "Social Summer" first up featuring NYC based stylist- Izabella Passero! Izabella and I met in 2019 working for Saks Fifth Avenue together and we have stayed close ever since! She is a loyal friend and has been such an amazing supporter of me and the LinnArtzy brand since the very beginning! Izabella is an amazing person with the best style and I am excited to let y'all get to know her, grab a latte and pull up a chair for our interview today :)

  • Tell us where you are from and what you studied and what you are doing now?

I’m originally from Los Angeles but have been in NYC for 7 years I studied Fashion Design at FIT and now I am a freelance fashion stylist.

  • What is your favorite thing about what you do as a stylist?

My favorite thing about being a stylist is helping people feel confident and fabulous in what they’re wearing. I love the constant creativity and freedom of always getting to work on something new and different.

  • What are some summer trends you are currently loving?

I’m loving the coastal grandmother trend this summer but I’m also LOVING all the bright colors that are trending like hot pink, golden yellow, and kelly green. Dresses with unique shapes and cutouts are fun. I always love a fun sleeve.

  • Fun facts ~ What do you wish people knew about you?

Hmmm… I’m pretty much an open book. I’m not sure! Maybe that I’m secretly a little bit of a nerd hahaha. I loved being in school, love reading and learning about new things all the time.

  • What to you say to someone who says "I could never pull that off?" // more is more? tell us what helps you have confidence in your personal style! (I am obsessed with your style!)

First of all ~ thank you!! I don’t necessarily believe in “pulling things off.” I think it’s all in the mindset. Life is short- if you love something, WEAR IT! I don’t usually think too much about what’s flattering or whether I can pull something off. If I see something that sparks joy I wear it! If you feel good in something, that’s truly all that matters. I love helping people rediscover their inner confidence, that’s what shines the most, no matter what you’re wearing. For me, sometimes that means more is more! But someone else might feel most confident in something more neutral and minimal. It’s all about finding what you like.

  • What are a few of your favorite local things to do in nyc ?

Central Park is my happy place I could spend all day wandering and getting lost in the park. Laying out a picnic blanket and sitting with a good book by the water is my favorite. I also LOVEEEE thrifting and vintage shopping, it’s like treasure hunting. Honestly just love to walk and discover new places/neighborhoods.

  • What designers or muses inspire your creativity as a stylist?

Hmmm, so many. Marc Jacobs has always been a favorite since I was like 12 years old. I’ve always loved the Olsen twins’ style. I think I’m inspired by everything a little bit. Travel, movies, art, music, history. Also very inspired by designers and companies that are making efforts to be more sustainable.

  • Where can we connect with you online ?

Currently redoing my website but for now you can follow me on Instagram @izabellapassero

Thank you so much Izabella! Love you!!

xxoxoox Kels


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