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Social Summer: Meet Courtney Collins

So happy to introduce some of my fabulous friends to you this summer on the blog! "Social Summer" Today featuring NYC based youtube and beauty marketing guru- Courtney Collins. We met in NYC through a mutual friend in February and she has jumped right into all of our adventures around the city. So thankful to be surrounded by friends who inspire me and understand me in so many ways. Hope you enjoy this interview style Q& A with Courtney - and after you read be sure to check out her fun youtube channel!

Hiii Courtney!! Tell us where you are from, and what you studied in college and what you are doing now?

I’m another so-called “Midwestern transplant” living in NYC from Springfield, Missouri! I went to college in Kansas City, MO and studied Marketing, and now I’m working in marketing in the beauty industry!

What is your favorite thing about what you do working in Beauty?

Courtney: Hmmm, there’s so many! I love this industry- it feels very unique and special to me. Part of my current role involves staying up to date on current beauty trends and those trends are always changing. It keeps me on my toes! I also just love getting to work with cosmetics, it’s been so fun learning the “ins and outs” of all the products. There’s a few categories in the beauty industry, like hair, cosmetics, fragrance etc. My days are spent talking about foundation and lipstick — can’t complain!!

Tell us: What are some beauty products you are currently loving / trending for summer ?

Alllll the SPF!! It really is the summer of sunscreen, and the “clean girl, no makeup makeup” aesthetic. I’m loving Supergoop’s Glow Screen and recently I picked up a new nude lipstick from the Pat McGrath x Bridgerton collection. I’m loving all the collabs happening with TV shows, and how TikTok is leading the summer trends pretty much!

Fun facts ~ What do you wish people knew about you?

I can speak Spanish!! I live

d in Spain during college for (almost) a semester when Covid happened. And I’m currently learning French. I love languages and learning about culture, and hope to travel to a new country soon!

What is one thing you didn't expect about moving to New York?

In a lot of ways, everything has been pretty as expected! I grew up visiting here a bunch and got pretty familiar with the city. But I will say, I didn’t expect to be welcomed so well by new friends and even friend groups. Moving the year after college sounded like a challenge in that area, learning how to navigate post-grad finances and make new friends allll over again. But it’s been SO amazing! **Also— how much of a workout grocery shopping is!!

What are a few of your favorite books and/or podcasts?

Ask anyone, I’m not a big reader — BUT I recently read the book One Italian Summer by Rebecca Serle, and it was magical. The plot inspired me to travel more! So much so, that I booked a trip one day while reading a chapter. Surprisingly enough, NYC living has made me more into a podcast gal! Listening on the subway, walking, etc. I love listening to real-life podcasts, from churches or other faith-based ministries/speakers. There are also a few podcasts about the beauty industry that I try to keep up with!

Where can we connect with you online ? links for insta/ youtube

So glad you asked!!

Find me on Insta at @courtpeycoll, and also on YouTube at this link here :)

So fun getting to know- thanks for answering these Q’s!!! Thank youu Courtney!!



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