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social media thoughts

I took a break from social media in February. Did you notice I was not posting?

Probably not :)

and I am okay with that hahah

Not to be THAT girl who does a social media cleanse and talks about it, but it was seriously so good for me. I recommend taking a break and not downloading instagram again until the habit to be entertained by it goes away. In the age of endless scrolling and traps for comparison, I realize how much of my daily energy is consumed by things and people that don't care about me.

There is something so freeing about going to an event or a fun chic birthday party and not having to summarize it into a caption, or capture it in filtered photos and perfectly posed videos. The mess of life and the moments offscreen and offline are truly the moments that matter. The reality of social media is that we are not showing the full reality of our lives, which we are not supposed to. And it is damaging how we see our lives and the lives of others.

We are all fighting our own battles and struggling in different way. It's not the DMs that matter as much as the friends that are across the table at the cafe, or wiping our tears as we sit on the couch together. The important and impactful moments of our lives are too personal to post about: like the audition for your dream role that didn't go so great, or a bad kiss after a good date, or a doctors appointment with scary news, when your friend calls you about a break up. The moments when change is scary and grief is hard, are the moments we never see online, and they are not meant to be shared online, because they are deep and tender spaces, that people have to earn your trust to see. But appreciating the beauty of this and letting yourself grow and seek growth is such a gift.

On another note, I am grateful for social media and the ways we get to connect together in convenient ways when we are busy people. It's fun to be inspired by brands and products and see other's vacations and dinners. And I love connecting and commenting and show love to each other.:)

We each only have one life, and majority of our life is not ever seen online.

Here's to living the life we are living and limiting the scrolling and comparison to other's highlight reels online.

This week- how can you take intentional time to think about what you are posting and why, and how you feel about other and yourself as you are scrolling?




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