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that time when LinnArtzy was featured on TV

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

One year ago LinnArtzy was featured on TV!

So honored to reflect on this day and the opportunity to inspire the community and share my story on TV at NBC 5 Texas Today. Recording this small business spotlight was such an amazing experience! Watch the full NBC 5 feature here

So thankful for this opportunity and the boost it brought to my business!

Thank you for supporting this brand and dream, it is always a joy to share about the purpose and vision of equipping you to encourage those you love through beautiful fashion illustration greeting cards.

FUN Fact: the first time I watched this TV recording I was at the nail salon getting my nails done with my sister and my Mimi, it was such a special moment, it felt like a watching party with strangers in the salon all watching it with us, cheering me on. see insta reel here

I will never forget these moments, running a business can feel complicated and tedious so these moments make it all worth it.


- Kelsey


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