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Networking, Cover Letters & Building a Career you Love! - Advice from Amy Cole

Getting a job in fashion can be tough, as I have started out my career in the fashion industry, I have learned so much from Amy Cole about the importance of networking, personal branding and standing out from the crowd of resumes. Don't just hear it from me- get to know her yourself in this fun Q&A! Meet Amy Cole! She has been a key part of my professional development, networking skills, and the recruiter that connected me to my current employer!

Hi Amy, Tell us about you, what do you do, and who do you serve?

I am a people person to the core. To say I love people would be an understatement.

My sister and I moved to NYC from Cape Cod and worked together in the fashion industry. We loved everything about NY and found that our favorite part of our corporate sales roles were building and growing our teams so we started a recruiting agency to help women in their careers.

20 years later, Amy Cole Connect, our executive search firm connects professionals with executive roles. We find top talent for Technology, E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, Manufacturing and Consumer Goods companies across the nation. We place professionals from Sales to Sourcing and Product Development to Designers, Marketing and E-Commerce development executives.

What is your favorite part of what you do?

My absolute favorite part about what I do is empowering women in their careers. Helping professionals reach their highest potential and achieving their goals. I don't believe in helping folks make lateral moves in their careers. I know from the heart that passion in your career is the secret sauce to success, so I am honored every day to help professionals realize their dreams while supporting themselves and their families.

What is your best advice for someone looking to expand their professional network?

Open your heart to every conversation no matter what industry someone comes from; whether you see a personal takeaway or not. Show your interest in them. Ask them to share their career journey, their expertise, a bit about their industry. People love to talk about themselves and you will learn a great deal. Make networking about others. Offer to help in any way. You will find that networking is simply an exchange of stories and information through which you will find commonalities and can then build.

" You will find that networking is simply an exchange of stories and information through which you will find commonalities and can then build ." – Amy Cole

Thank you so much, Amy! So grateful for you and your career insights! Friends, connect with Amy at the links below:

Connect with Amy on LinkedIn:

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