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Event Vendor Recs: Rachel Snyder Hospitality

I am so excited to recommend a few female owned businesses based in NYC providing amazing services at events! Today meet THE Rachel Snyder of Rachel Snyder Hospitality!

Enjoy this Q&A and get to know Rachel and hire her for your eats for your next luxury event!

Tell us your brand story and how you originally started and opened?

I started doing PR for chefs and restaurants and somewhere along the way my friend and I decided to start a dinner club centered for strangers to appreciate good food, deep conversations, and an emphasis on diversity around the table. Shortly after, I had the opportunity to take my dinner club into a West Village restaurant on Monday nights, and the rest was history. I discovered my love for flavor and cooking felt innate, and I later quit my job to pursue cheffing full time. The decision to name my business Rachel Snyder Hospitality, came from always wanting guests to feel like they are being hosted by me, a person, rather than by a brand. 

What is your favorite thing about what you do?

One of my favorite things about cooking is when someone says “I don’t like mushrooms”, or polenta, or medium-rare steak, or whatever it might be, and then I’ll make them crispy, truffled mushrooms and whipped ricotta, and get them to be a mushroom convert! It’s all about giving people an appreciation for the beauty of something they’ve only had in one type of way. In the same way, I feel like that’s also a reflection of what it’s like to sit around a table of strangers. We have to let go of our preconceived judgments, be attentive, and then we get to appreciate the person in front of us. 

What are some dishes you love making lately? 

I’m all about the summer salads right now - snap pea salad with mint pistachio pesto, sumac cucumber salad, and miso kale caesar to name a few. I’ve been working on perfecting a chocolate olive oil cake, with espresso and orange zest. I don’t like to measure things, so baking can be a problem for me, whoops!

What are some of your favorite events and clients you’ve worked with ? (Yess you can brag here! )

Loeffler Randall, RBW, Gotham Greens, OSEA Skincare - I love when design-focused brands have a theme or vision that I can help bring to life. However, one of my favorite things I get to do are retreats, and private cheffing in people’s homes. There’s something special about waking up before everyone else, making all three meals distinct and colorful, and the in-between conversations that happen throughout the day. 

What do you wish people knew about you as a chef? 

We appreciate when people cook for us! I spend all day cooking and doing dishes, so I always appreciate any time someone makes a meal or offers to do dishes for me.

What are a few of your favorite things to do in NYC for inspiration? 

Dining out, for sure, and I try to chat up the servers/bartenders about what’s new on the menu that they love. I like to try dishes with flavors or ingredients I wouldn’t normally cook with, like these insane duck wings with yuzu at Upland that were out of this world. I also went to Bad Hombre in East Village last week and loved their brussels sprouts with habanero aioli and herbs.

Thank you Rachel! Where can we find your brand? And how can future clients connect with you ?


Rachel- THANK YOU!!

<3 - Kelsey


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