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Event Vendor Recs: Klein Design Embroidery

Hi friends! Working in luxury events in NYC, I get to meet and work with amazing vendors. Today I am excited to introduce to you~ Alexa and her brand- Klein Designs! We met last summer working an event for Alice + Olivia together. She is so talented and I recommend her services as a fun addition to make your events extra special!

Enjoy this Q&A style interview with Alexa!

Tell us your brand story and how you originally started and opened?

Klein Designs is a custom embroidery studio in Brooklyn, NY and we specialize in custom embroidery + embroidery events! During the pandemic, after returning home to Atlanta after just beginning my freshman year at UT Austin, I was inspired to start hand embroidering. I have always had a passion for personalization, and I started creating custom pieces for friends + family based on their personalities and elements I thought they would like. As demand grew, I decided to purchase my first embroidery machine and learn how to create my own embroidery designs continue combining art and fashion to create designs unique to every individual and their vision. A pillar of building my brand was transitioning from ordering blanks from traditional wholesalers, to starting my own line and developing high quality loungewear. After graduating in May of 2023, I moved to New York and into our beautiful Klein Designs studio in DUMBO! We have since started hosting events in our studio which has been a really exciting addition to the business and a lovely way to meet so many wonderful people!

What is your favorite thing about what you do?

I absolutely love giving customers the opportunity to use their creativity and be part of the design process. Making something that is so meaningful to them is incredibly fulfilling and I love hearing how everyone's pieces mean something to them.

What are some products you love making lately?

We are currently developing products I am super excited about and really what I have always dreamed of!!! They are going to be the perfect everyday pieces that you will always want to reach for in your closet. Can go from day to night, work to happy hour, and I can't wait to share more!!!

What do you envision for the future of your brand? 

I hope to continue to develop new products to allow us to be more established as not just an embroidery studio, but a clothing brand as well. I am super excited about our first capsule collection launching soon with a new direction of more elevated pieces, and I hope to continue making products that are high quality staples with a unique twist and beautiful canvas for embroidery. 

What are some of your favorite brands you’ve worked with?  

We have gotten to work with so many incredible brands for events + collaborations. A few favorites have been Alice + Olivia, Simply Lemonade, Baked by Melissa, Kendra Scott, & so many more!

What are a few of your favorite things to do in your city (NYC!)?

My favorite days consist of a sunny day browsing around discovering new boutiques, vintage stores, and a fun cocktail (probably a negroni :) ) Love a good shopping + flea market day, trying fun cocktails, or a sunny park + playing cards day

Thank you Alexa!


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