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6 things I wish I knew when I first started drawing at events

As a New York City based illustrator, I have several tips for what I wish I knew when I first started drawing at events for brands and private parties.

1. The opportunity to meet people and draw them can make their time at event experience more memorable, be kind to everyone you encounter.

2. Get comfortable with your style as an artist and don’t feel like you need to change it, as a freelance artist brands that align with your style will be more attracted to you and your uniqueness.

3. Always take the time to thank who hired you, being invited back again and again is the biggest compliment.

4. Practice drawing quickly! Drawing 10 people per hour can feel like a challenge in loud crowded events.

5. Know your worth as an artist, ($$!) being paid to do what you love is not just fun for you- you are transforming a person into a personal piece of art and enhancing an event & bringing value to their brand!

6. Have a QR code with your website and social media with you so people can connect with you and book you for future events.

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Artist friends- what do you wish you knew when you first started?

Drop it in the comments!


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